January 2017:


Brooke and Carter have some explainin’ to do when their out of the office antics are seen by a pair of unsuspecting eyes!  Look for the news of this pairing to send shockwaves through Forrester Creations!


New Character Debuts January 2017


Wayne Cade arrives on The Bold and the Beautiful as Maya’s sarcastic, outspoken personal assistant.  Openly homosexual, Wayne has moved to Los Angeles to further his career in management and to try his hand at the fashion industry.  But slowly his past begins to creep up around him, forcing him to come to terms with his own life.  Look for Wayne to debut in Episode Two.


Looks Like Trouble!!

Steffy brings Jessica Savoy in as a means to take Eric’s attention away from Quinn.  But expect the unexpected with this story!  Things are not as simple as they seem…