Episode One “Sexual Healing”


e3139b889bb05abbbbc7a01819823e4f--katherine-kelly-hot-actressesWearing her gold and white silk robe, Brooke looked at herself in the mirror.  Her eyes looked worn and puffy, her smile though visible was an obvious facade, and her expression was merely a small representation of how she really felt.  She knew she shouldn’t have felt this way.  The night before a woman’s wedding was supposed to be one of the most exciting times of her life, but after so many rides on this particular merry-go-round, and with the same partner no less, Brooke found herself on the verge of cold feet and disinterest.

The sound of the crickets outside soothed her a bit, but not enough to distract her from the problem at hand:  She wasn’t sure that marrying Ridge was the best decision for her!

But Carter, standing in the doorway eyeing her, had a much more definitive opinion.  He watched her pull her hair up into a bun, and begin lathering her face with cream.

“So you’re actually going to go through with this…”  he spoke from the doorway.  In disbelief at his own realization, he scoffed a little and shook his head.  “Wow.”

Surprised, Brooke turned around to see Carter looking back at her, and almost as if she didn’t believe her eyes, she narrowed them.  “Carter?”

“You know, when Hope told me that Ridge had whisked you off on the Forrester private jet to the middle of nowhere, to MARRY you, I laughed.”  He stepped into the bedroom and closed the door behind himself.  “I knew, or at least I’d HOPED, that you wouldn’t even consider doing something like this.”

“Carter, you shouldn’t be here.”

“Oh yeah?  Why?  Afraid that one extra wedding guest could make things awkward for you?  I’m sure being in the presence of the man you’ve declared your undying love for makes you feel extremely uncomfortable when you’re making vows with your on-again, off-again emotional abuser.”

Brooke quickly stood from her stool to Ridge’s defense.  “Ridge is a good man!”

MV5BMTEzNjM3ODM4NzFeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDYzMjM4NTEx._V1_UY1200_CR84,0,630,1200_AL_Carter questioned, “Is he?”  before walking closer to Brooke and reaching out to touch her face slightly.  “Look, he’s my friend, Brooke.  I KNOW Ridge is a good man, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good man for you.”

Uncomfortably, she looked into Carter’s beautiful brown eyes, and sighed.  “I think you should leave.”

“I’d like nothing more than to turn and walk out of that door Brooke, but not before you do one thing for me.  You have to look me in my eyes and tell me that you don’t love me.”



RJ burst through the door of his bedroom and flopped down on his bed in disappointment.  Just as he’d expected, Deak followed behind him quickly, and slammed the bedroom door shut just as he entered.

Without words, Deak just stood in front of  RJ’s bed, his arms folded, his eyes fixed, and his disapproval blatant.  “Dude, what the hell?”

RJ sighed, “I don’t wanna hear it.”Anthony_Turpel

“Maybe I should paint the picture for you so that you can see what AMAZING luck you have right now.  Your mother is on the other side of the country about to marry your father, and you have this entire house to yourself.  Your sexy ass girlfriend is downstairs right now, just waiting for you to make that move, and you’re up here almost in tears because you’re scared.”  Deak chuckled.  “Please tell me this is a joke…a sad, pathetic joke.”

“Fine.  I’m a sad pathetic joke.”  RJ replied quickly.  “Is that what you wanted to hear?  I mean, Coco said she wasn’t ready and-”

“Why am I starting to believe Coco isn’t the holdup here?”

“Why are YOU so interested in my sex life?”  RJ shot back.

Deak laughed and responded, “You’d actually have to have SEX in order to have a sex life.  Hell, you’d actually have to have a LIFE in order to have a sex life.  YOU, RJ, are freaking yourself out.  You’re sixteen years old…how long do you plan on waiting?  I’m just curious you know…looking out for your uhh-…”  he pointed down to RJ’s crotch area, and then he shrugged.  “The poor fellow.”

“I’m just fine, and so is my-…Look, would you just go back downstairs and give me a minute?”

dylan-sprayberry-social-081916Smiling, Deak shrugged.  “Fine.  But don’t be surprised when Coco gets tired of these kiddie games you’re playing and decides she wants a real man.  And by the time you’re ready…it just may be too late.”  he looked at RJ for a second, and then shaking his head one final time in disappointment, he headed out of the door.

Once back downstairs, Deak walked back over to the couch where his girlfriend Jana sat, and he returned to his seat next to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.  “Did ya’ miss me?”

She playfully threw up her eyes and laughed as Deak looked across to Jana.

“Oh, your boyfriend will be back in a minute.”  he mumbled.

“Is he okay?”

“Yeah…in some ways.”  Deak replied quickly, before looking back over to Jana.  “Hey, what do you say we get outta here?”

Jana frowned and responded, “We just got here, and there’s still some vodka left.”

With a devious smile, Deak reached forward onto the coffee table and grabbed the bottle.  “We’ll take it with us.  I’m sure Coco here doesn’t mind, do you Coco?”


Coco shook her head as she once again looked up at the staircase, wondering what was going on with RJ.

“Besides, I can give you a buzz without you even having to take another drink.”  Deak continued, before grabbing Jana and pulling her toward him, attaching his lips onto hers.

Coco watched the two of them kiss for an uncomfortably long time, and then she folded her arms a bit and cleared her throat.

Getting the hint, but Jana and Deak rushed out of Brooke’s house, and hurried into the car to finish what they’d started, leaving Coco inside-…all alone.



bold-and-beautiful-spoilers18“Let’s see…it’s almost midnight, and you’re here, at my apartment.  You know what they say, Mrs. Forrester, only one thing’s open at this time of night.”  Deacon looked Maya up and down and then he chuckled, before widening the door and walking away from her.  “What is it that you want?”

Maya looked around at the empty beer bottles and potato chip bags around Deacon’s apartment, and she subconsciously tightened the grip on her purse as she stepped in.

“Let me guess…this is about your spoiled brat husband’s after-party again, isn’t it?”  Deacon continued as he opened his refrigerator and grabbed another beer.  He held it up to her and questioned, “Beer?”

Maya declined politely and forced a smile onto her face.  “Actually, it is.”

“Look, I already told you, I’m not interested in the Forrester money, and I’m sure as hell not interested in any of them being in my club.  Sorry.”

“The party’s in less than a week.”  Maya continued.  “There’s no other venue that’s presentable enough for us to use.”


Deacon shrugged and with an inauthentic look of sympathy he poked his bottom lip, “Well I’m sorry, Princess.  Sometimes dreams really DON’T come true, and sometimes life doesn’t work out for the best.”

Maya sat down on the couch and crossed her legs.  “Believe me, I know.  If life was fair, I wouldn’t be in a place like this, asking a guy like you for help.  But unfortunately, things happen, and I h

appen to know that your club could definitely use a cash boost so close to your grand opening.  A cash boost to the tune of maybe…”  Maya paused and grabbed a small sheet of paper from her purse and handed it to Deacon, who looked at it.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I really need this.”  Maya answered quickly.  “So what’ll it be?”



“You’re wasting your time here, Carter.”  Brooke turned around to face him.  “I’m sorry, but I’m marrying Ridge…tomorrow.”

Carter looked at her for a moment in silence, and then he stepped in closer to her.  “So what about all of those talks we had?  Those long nights at the office, where you told me that you felt you’d lost yourself?  Brooke, you wanted more than just to be Ridge’s wife again…you wanted a place at Forrester, you wanted to be that powerful businesswoman again.  You wanted to be regarded as an intelligent woman who compliments a man, not just a man’s wife.  You DESERVE that much.”

As tears filled her eyes, Brooke called out, “What I deserve is STABILITY, Carter!”


“And when the hell has Ridge ever given you any stability?”  Carter responded aloud.  His voice echoed through the room, causing Brooke to jump a little.  “Brooke, baby I can’t stand here and beg you to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be.  I can only remind you of what you told me, and those nights we shared.  What about all of the time we spent together?  Was I just-…was I a distraction while you waited for Ridge to get over his fling with Quinn?”

“That has NOTHING to do with it-”

“Then what is it?  Huh?  Because not even 48 hours ago, you were declaring your love and commitment to me, and now suddenly you’re going back on your word.  Explain to me Brooke.  Tell me how I’m supposed to believe that you haven’t been lying to me all of this time.”  He looked intently into her eyes, as a single tear fell down her left cheek.



RJ remained on his bed, looking down at the floor, twiddling his thumbs and trying desperately to build up the nerve to take that next step.  Deak’s words, though harsh and impatient, were definitely true.  The idea of Coco moving on to someone else was a thought that had been in his head for longer than he cared to admit, and he knew that this night was the night he had to prove to himself and to her that he was a real man.

Just as he stood from the bed, there was a light tap at the door, and then it creaked open.

“Uhh…RJ?  Are you okay?”  Coco’s voice was soft and cautious.

He smiled.  “Yeah…I was just on my way down.  I’m sorry, I kinda had a situation and-”

“It’s cool.”  she interrupted.

The two of them stood together, awkwardly in his bedroom.  She looked around at the posters on his wall, and the large flat screen television, and she smiled.  “This is exactly how I imagined it’d be.”

“Lame, I know.”  RJ mumbled before sitting back down on the edge of the bed.

“WELL…”  Coco laughed and sat down next to him.  “If this is lame, then I’M lame, because I happen to think it’s very cute.  Besides, this tv is the perfect size for a little GTA or Black Ops 3.”

RJ chuckled and mumbled, “Yeah right” in disbelief as he side-eyed her.  “I’d pay money to see you playing one of those.”

“I would have you to know that I am one of thee best female gamers out there.”  Coco responded, before looking at RJ.  “Okay, so I’m lying…but I deserve a little credit for at least name dropping those games.”

“True…”  RJ and Coco both laughed as he looked at his girlfriend in complete admiration.  “You know, you’re pretty incredible.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, Mr. Forrester.”

With that, RJ leaned forward, pulling Coco into a kiss.  He could feel a little resistance from her at first, probably from her surprise at his aggression, but slowly she began to give in, as he laid her down on his bed.  He kissed down her neck, up to her lips again, and slowly he started to remove her shirt.  He could feel that she wanted to give in even more, but then resistance returned, and her body tensed.

“Wait…what are you doing?”  she whispered.

RJ continued kissing her, mumbling “Just go with it” idly as he removed her shirt and threw it down onto his floor.  He took a moment to enjoy the view of Coco’s bra, and then he removed his own shirt.

“RJ…are you-…are you sure about this?”

As he began to unsnap her bra, a confident yet terrified smile creased his face.  “I’m sure.”  he whispered.



With an accomplished smile, Maya opened the door to her home, and stepped into the completely dark house.  Quietly she closed the door, and then removed her heels to keep from being heard.

Slowly, she tipped through the foyer and to the right to head up the stairs, but just as she reached the first step, the lamp in the living clicked on.

“Late night?”  Rick spoke quickly.




Without words, Brooke walked over to the other side of the room, to look out of the window at the surrounding snow-filled mountains.  As images of her trysts with Carter flashed before her eyes, she struggled to keep her composure, but Carter’s solemn “I love you” sent shivers down her spine.

Slowly she turned around and looked into his eyes, and though she wanted to accuse him of lying, she knew that he meant those three words more than anything he’d ever spoken to her.  “Carter, you don’t want to do this.”  was all she could muster up in response.

“That night when we first made love, while you were in my arms, I said to myself that this was the feeling I wanted to have every night.  I wanted to be able to hold you in my arms, and feel your heartbeat against mine.  I wanted to hear that slight whistle noise you make when you’re in a deep sleep.  I wanted to put my nose in your hair and smell your conditioner.  I wanted to watch you run around the room in the morning like a kitchen with its head cut off because you’ve overslept.”  Both he and Brooke paused for a moment to laugh, as he stepped in closer to her.  “Don’t you see that I don’t have much else to fight for in LA.  So I’m focusing all of my energy on fighting for you.”

Brooke wiped her eyes and shook her head in denial.  “You’re young.  You don’t have any children, you have your whole life ahead of you.  Me…I’m a grandmother-”

“Who I have fallen madly in love with.”  Carter finished, before walking over to her and holding her hands.  “Baby can’t you see that I’m not going anywhere?  Whatever this is with Ridge…it’s not going to happen.  Not as long as I have breath in my body.  i will fight Brooke…i will fight to the death to make sure you are mine.”  And with that, he passionately leaned forward, pulling her into a kiss.


It was the kiss she’d been subconsciously craving all night, and her desires were fulfilled.  Lifting Brooke’s feet from the floor, Carter carried her over to the bed, gently laying her down and continuing to kiss her.  Before she knew it, he’d untied her robe, and was beginning to undress her.  She wanted to tell him to stop, but she couldn’t.  Her heart was telling him to continue, her mind was confused, and with tears still in her eyes, she gave in to passion.


Deak Sharpe, the tall, muscular, popular, obnoxiously charming guy that RJ Forrester secretly wanted to be, invaded RJ’s mind in an uncomfortable way.  Coco’s caresses and kisses were accompanied with memories of Deak showering in the locker room at school, Deak losing the bet and having to run down the hallways of the academy completely naked, Deak lifting the weights at the gym…this all flooded RJ’s mind, as he reached his climax.  It was an indescribable feeling of ecstasy and confusion, of which neither could fully be described.

Now lying in silence, both Coco and RJ awkwardly glared straight up at the ceiling, neither of them knowing exactly what to say.

Coco had managed to pull RJ’s sheet over her breasts, covering them almost in embarrassment, and her flushed face was warm.  A flash of insecurity had crept up in her, as she turned to look at RJ, who continued laying flat on his back.

“That was-…”  she hesitated, hoping and waiting for RJ to finish her sentence with his own description of their first time.  Though painful, she now felt complete.  She felt closer to RJ than ever before, and she wanted to be confident that the gift she’d given him was everything he’d hoped for.  But finally after a few seconds of silence, she finished her own statement.  “nice.”

“Yeah, it was.”

His voice sounded different.  He didn’t exactly sound as exhilarated as she felt, but he also didn’t sound disgusted.  She felt slightly relieved, but also more confused now than before.

“RJ, do you think we made the right decision?”

Looking over at his girlfriend and seeing the insecurity in her expression, he smiled and sat up in the bed.  “Of course.  That was incredible-”  he paused.  “don’t you think?”  Slowly he reached up and stroked the side of her face with his hand, and then after kissing her, he smiled.  “You’re my girlfriend, and I love you.  And I feel like this has brought us closer than ever.”

“I love you too.”  she replied with a smile, as she watched RJ climb out of the bed.  Curiously she looked around before asking “Where are you going?”

RJ threw his shirt and jeans back on and then chuckled.  “Gotta run down to the kitchen.  This night needs to be topped off with ice cream and fudge.”

“Don’t forget the whipped cream, you know-….for the ice cream.”  Coco muttered, as RJ smiled and headed out of his bedroom.

Once in the hallway, he paused for a moment to gather himself, and then skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab the snacks:  two spoons, the pint of ice cream, the fudge, and the whipped cream.  Just before returning up the stairs, he stopped at the front door, and seeing Deak’s car still parked in front of the house, RJ frowned.

Curiously he opened the front door, only to see Deak and Jana in the back seat of the car.  Though he wasn’t exactly able to see what was going on, he was sure his mind was strong enough to deduce one major possibility.  And with this deduction, anger immediately replaced RJ’s brief moment of enjoyment.  He could once again imagine Deak’s hard body pressed against Jana, and in a moment of rage, Rj slammed the front door shut, and leaning back against it, he closed his eyes and began to weep.



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